Hi Everyone!

So I have got a pinched nerve in my back. Middle age is not for the faint at heart. At least it is happening in the Winter not Spring, Summer, or for that matter Fall. I want to be able to wheel around those months like a boss. At least it is Winter. At this point, though, I fear I have jinxed us all. How am I supposed to shovel snow like this?

Granted that has not been an issue so far this Winter season, but we have a lot more of the season. Irony does exist and how ironic that I, the alpha and the omega, the left and the right, the day and the night, the boss of the JZ weather sauce, should be in this shape? Another Alieve I believe. (By the way that is the prescription. 2 Alieve every day for 3-4 weeks.)

We have been watching the Saturday forecast as a fairly potent Low really wants to make a run up the coast. That could open the door for snow somewhere too close. But now it appears high pressure to our Northwest will put up enough of a block to limit our jeopardy. All joking aside keep your eye on the early weekend outlook as it most likely will change a bit before then.

Maybe Karma is rewarding me with this lucky “break.” I hope so and I hope that Karma will smile on all of us fighting athletic injuries. Or is it smiling on our spouses who would have to shovel alone! Eww, you knew it was going there!



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