Hi Everyone,

Mid-week and we began this huuuummmpppDAY quite mild. Just like yesterday morning, we hung right around 40° overnight.

Sorry to say that like yesterday we may see morning clouds hang in today.

The overnight forecast for this day was sun and clouds, then mostly sunny through the early afternoon. Now the computer has adjusted that to “clouds and some sun.” All yesterday afternoon that sun just could not make its presence known.

Hopefully not a re-do today. In our favor is slightly drier, and cooler air, sliding in. 46° today but 40° tomorrow. Time will tell, it always does.

On the horizon, beyond the weekend we are looking at the upper 50’s and now the low sixties to be the highs as we move toward mid-week next week. I just thought we’d pick a real positive note to end on. If you are a snow lover, sorry for the negativity.



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