By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

Foggy to start the day. But mild to start the day. It is the tradeoff that I am sure you have heard me discuss time and time again this, so far, mild Winter. Let’s re-visit…In the Mid-Atlantic to have mild, in the Winter, you almost always will get clouds and damp conditions. It is a function, many times, of warm air overrunning colder air.

I point this out because the 180° scenario is on the way. A big dome of central Canadian high pressure will settle over the region Thursday afternoon and through Saturday. Cold and clear on the way. Real clear. As we warm up on Saturday more clouds will enter the area. Even warmer on Monday, and even more cloudy.

Just a bit of, “see it for yourself”, as our weather changes over the next few days. Watching the weather. (And to quote, and borrow in this case, the slogan from one of my favorite spots the legendary “Dreamland BBQ” in Tuscaloosa, Alabama), “Ain’t nothin’ like it!”




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