JARRETTSVILLE, Md. — A 22-year-old man died Monday after he slipped and fell from the Queen Seat area in Rocks State Park, Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police said.

Police said Joseph Buxton, of Savage, had climbed out onto the rocks around 10:40 a.m. Monday when he lost his footing and fell. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

His body was taken to the medical examiner’s office for an autopsy.

Police are still investigating.

The King and Queen Seat sits 190 feet off the ground. Hikers who visited the park Monday said the path up to the top is a dangerous one.

“It’s a steep incline so its a lot of trying to get your grip and actually like maintain(ing) your balance,” park visitor Uriah Northwood said.

Lisa Czaqlyko, a mother of three, said the incident is causing her to rethink how she handles hiking at the park with her kids.

“It’s really tragic to hear somebody slipped right here because its such a Maryland thing to do, to climb this path and so many people enjoy doing it,” she said.

Kelsey Kushner


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