BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Hampden Family Center is celebrating 25 years of serving the community by throwing a big gala.

Whether you’re a little kid or a senior citizen, the center has something to offer.

During a stop at the center, Shirley Huff and her friends were getting in a workout and having a little fun at the same time, taking part in the Fitness for 50+ class the center offers.

“For a lot of us, it’s within walking distance so we can come and have exercise and also come for other things here,” Huff said.

The center also offers crafts, computer classes and senior luncheons.

Ashley Wilkes is the center’s director of operations. She said the programs and services go well beyond those for seniors.

“We pretty much serve all ages in the community. We do after-school and summer enrichment programs for children,” Wilke said. “We also provide benefits assistance for folks who are homeless and are looking to apply for food stamps or medical assistance.”

Most of the programs are offered at little or no cost, but they need funding to continue serving the community. That’s why they’re holding a big party to raise money.

“We do get funding from grants and individuals throughout the city, but our events really are key both to bringing in the extra money that the center relies on to continuously provide services for the neighborhood,” Wilkes said.

The gala will be held on March 21; tickets are available here.


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