BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It will be partly sunny and 81 Friday — just in time for the first full day of spring. However, there is a chance of scattered storms starting at 2 p.m.

WJZ Meteorologist Meg McNamara says it’ll be nice early in the morning, but there is a chance of scattered storms around 2 p.m. Some could possibly be severe. The main threat, gusty winds.

If you’ve been cooped up in the house all week, early Friday will be the time to get some fresh air — but keeping a safe distance.

If you’re taking a run or walk around the park, practice social distance and don’t be around groups with 10 or more people. Many jurisdictions have also closed playgrounds.

Or maybe stay home, but open up your windows to let some fresh air in before the possible storms arrive.

Get this: the last time Baltimore saw a high temperature in the 80s was on October 27!

WJZ’s weather team will be tracking the possibility of storms as temperatures change and spring arrives.