Hi Everyone!

Showers today, and cool temps will really get the already pretty beautiful Spring into a higher gear. Cool today, but much milder tomorrow. And Spring will look lovely. I point all this out to point out, and promote again, social distancing.

If we do not do it the practice will be forced on us. It works and will become the norm. Just the facts. And there is no reason not to get some fresh air, and a mental break from self-quarantine, by getting out. Driving around and seeing the flowers and trees blooming is perfect social distancing.

Taking a walk and avoiding everyone to a proper distance is easy. Just keep spatially aware and your guard up. If someone is not aware and violating space just nicely say, “Feel free to move further away.” S

pring cannot be coming at a better time for us if we give ourselves a chance to enjoy it. Just another friendly reminder. No pun intended it is in our hands. Don’t make um force it. Social distance, and enjoy ya some of the new season.



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