BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore Ravens, like all of us, are trying to navigate life in the time of a pandemic. Uncertainty reigns supreme as sports league in the U.S. and across the globe have been halted by the spread of the disease. When will things be safe to resume play? Will there be a full season or, in the NFL’s case, a full offseason? These are questions that everyone within the sports world and without are pondering.

“You look ahead and you ask yourself if there’s going to be football season, nobody knows,” said Ravens tight end Mark Andrews on a teleconference with the media Tuesday. “For all the guys on the team right now its focusing on family. And, outside of that, listening to your health officials, making sure you’re practicing social distancing.”

The thought of no football season may seem farfetched to some as the beginning of the season is still nearly six months away. But, the possibility exists. As safety Chuck Clark acknowledges however, players are trying to stay focused on being ready when the time comes that football can resume.

“It crosses your mind but at the end of the day, you’re a professional athlete that’s what you’re paid to do. At some point this will all be over. When it is, you’re a professional athlete and you need to be ready to go,” said Clark.

In that regard, both guys say that they have just had to go back to basics when it comes to working out. Andrews pointed out the hardest part has really been finding space outside where you’re not near anybody else.

“Finding a space to workout and not being around a trainer or a bunch of other people working out,” said Andrews. “You just have to take it back to basics with workouts that keep you away from other people. I have a ‘prison workout’ setup in the back of my house with a bench and some weights. Then I’ll just go to a field and run.”

Aside from the workouts, both guys said they have been taking this time to spend with family. Clark in particular says he’s “staying active in the house too, cleaning cooking playing board games,” with the down time that might normally have been spent at the facility.

The Ravens first workouts as a team would, in a world absent the pandemic, have begun on April 20th. That date is now just under three weeks away and seems very unlikely.


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