BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Maryland Delegate Nick Mosby, along with other legislators, is calling for Gov. Larry Hogan to tell the Maryland Department of Health to release COVID-19 data by race and zip code.

“I believe that Governor Hogan has exhibited tremendous leadership as our state grapples with this global pandemic and I hope that he will lead on this critically important issue as well. We must be vigilant in our sworn duty to protect every Marylander and having access to this information will go a long way towards ensuring that we do not further exasperate the structural inequities and disparities that persist in the health and economic outcomes in minority communities,” Del. Mosby said in a statement Monday. “I trust that the administration is committed to full transparency as it relates to information and data which will inform the strategies we employ to make it through these unprecedented times.”

The group is calling for:

  • number of positive and negative COVID-19 cases by zip code residency
  • number of individuals being tested for COVID-19 broken down by race
  • number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 by race
  • number of COVID-19 related inpatient hospitalizations by race
  • number of COVID-19 deaths by race

“Racial health disparities and discrimination produce persistent negative outcomes on poor communities of color,” the letter reads from seventy-nine other members of the Maryland House of Delegates.

They cited access to care, implicit bias, and other barriers to diagnosis and treatment would further imperil communities already on the frontlines of other public health threats and are at a high risk for COVID-19 impacts.

“It is important to start this discussion now, in the midst of a national crisis, to ensure proper attention is placed on addressing any health inequities in real time. With more comprehensive data, our local and state authorities are better positioned to support communities with an elevated risk,” the letter continued.

For the latest information on coronavirus go to the Maryland Health Department’s website or call 211. You can find all of WJZ’s coverage on coronavirus in Maryland here.

Comments (7)
  1. Steph Smith says:

    It’s always about race with Democrats. Hey lets release the race that commits the most crimes in Baltimore City while were at it.

  2. MrBethesda says:

    Breaking down statistics by race is racist. How will such data help anything? We already know what the data will show: Blacks are far more likely than any other group to be hit by COVID (in Chicago nearly half the COVID cases are Black). Let’s move away from this racism to concentrate on overcoming the current crisis.

  3. King Julian says:

    As Gov. Hogan stated “we are all in this together”. Nick Mosby and his wife are racist.

  4. Patty says:

    What? Are we now trying to make the virus into a race issue? Race has nothing to do with it, if it does please ask the Chinese who have seen the worst of the coronavirus or Ecuadorians whose people are lying dead on the streets. These 82 delegates should be arguing about testing being made available to everyone, even people not showing symptoms. How many people are carrying the virus without knowing, transmitting it to other PEOPLE (Spanish, Blacks Whites….) without showing symptoms?
    By any case it will always be about MONEY if you have the money you can be tested no matter the color. For those of you who have yet notice, there are more interracial couples and children now, the hate you bring by stirring up this type of issues needs to stop. This virus does not racial profile.

  5. Bill Smiths says:

    I wish the Feds would send that guy and his boffinsh wife off to federal prison… know they are dirty just like the rest of those bums

  6. Brandie Fuller says:

    Of course they are They always do this. What purpose does it serve?

  7. Patsy Combs says:

    I’m really glad this was exposed. I want to know more information concerning Balto city and Randalstown areas. The details in the city should have never been left out. It’s “Baltimore. Gov. Hogan I think is being very proactive but include Baltimore city I should not have to search so hard for statistics .

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