Hi Everyone!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and too tempting a day, weather-wise. Sunny, a spring breeze and 78° made us want to get out.

To stretch out our boundaries, and as we know that temptation is not a good one. In a bizarre time, it’s a bizarre statement and one that I have kind of inferred before.

This day we have a clearing day with temps dropping windy conditions. A perfect day to just stay in. Tomorrow and Saturday will fall into that same category. 53° and gusty tomorrow, 58° and becoming cloudy on Saturday. Actually, we can add Sunday in also. Albeit warmer at 67° it will be a cloudy day with rain by late afternoon.

Weather-wise another weekend with little weather temptation and we have had a few of those over the past month.

Little victories add up to the big win that will be us getting back to, at least, somewhat of normal time. So some early Spring mood swings from Mother Nature are, in a bizarre way, just what the “Doctor ordered” to help follow doctors’ orders.

Be well friends.




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