BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A dog that was found with multiple large wounds last week may have been stabbed, BARCS said Monday.

The shelter said animal control got a call about a dog lying in a vacant yard surrounded by trash. When officers arrived, they reportedly found the dog under stone stairs with multiple wounds, including a hole in his chest.

“Upon examination, his wounds appeared to be consistent with those of stab wounds or another form of impalement,” BARCS wrote on Facebook.

Officials said the dog, which they’ve named Snoopy, was taken to an animal hospital for surgery.

“While the wounds missed all his major blood vessels, one tore his pectoral muscle and nearly detached his leg from his body,” the shelter said.

BARCS is raising money to care for Snoopy and other animals; to learn more, visit their website.

  1. Lotty says:

    it’s a pit bull I could care less they should shoot them all- nasty killer dogs that they are- they kill more people than all other breeds combined

    The dog got what it deserved!

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