Hi Everyone!

The sun is out, the blah of yesterday is gone, and that is that. 68° the high today. Sunny, a little breezy, some swirling pollen but a much nicer day. Later on tonight we will cloud up a bit out ahead of afternoon and nighttime rain tomorrow. But also tonight something much bigger than even the weather we need to talk about. The NFL draft.

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(Bigger than the weather? Yep! When was the last time Mother Nature ran a kickoff back over a hundred yards for a TD?)

All kidding aside this is actually going to be a weather discussion.

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Later on tonight we will be looking at significant dates in November, December, and hopefully January. We will be saying things like, “Man when we play the Steelers it could be really cold.” And parish this thought, “Man when that first playoff game hits it could be snowing.” Or how about, “that first game in September against the Chiefs could be really hot and steamy.”

The NFL season takes place in three different seasons. And these day’s looking toward the future is a beautiful thing. And those game forecast’s no matter how extreme will be like a welcomed walk in the park. Awesome!

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