ODENTON, MD. (WJZ) — An Annapolis man was arrested after allegedly striking a man in his wheelchair and stealing a duffel bag with his property in it from him on Saturday.

Officers responded to a robbery of a citizen on Route 175 near Sappington Station Road at around 1:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

The victim told police he was heading home in his electric wheelchair when someone ran up behind him striking the wheelchair. The suspect hit the chair so hard, police said, the victim became disoriented.

The suspect then allegedly stole a duffel bag with the victim’s personal property and fled the scene.

Detectives were able to find the suspect shortly after, who still had the duffel bag on him. He’s been identified as 31-year-old Donte Antonio Boston, of Annapolis. He’s been charged accordingly, police say.

Credit: Anne Arundel County Police

Anyone with any additional information is asked to call Western District Detectives at 410-222-6155 or the TipLine at 410-222-4700.

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  1. R. Green says:

    Big man! COWARD!

  2. Chris Farmer says:

    A “man” would not do that, he is a feckless coward w/ no balls to pick on a disabled person. That’s about as low as it goes, punk.

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