Due to a government mandate, WJZ-TV is transitioning to a new physical channel on July 2nd, 2020.  If you use an antenna to receive our station over the air, you will need to rescan the channels on your TV to continue to receive us after July 2nd.

Antenna Users Will Need To Rescan On July 2 To Keep Watching WJZ. Here’s What You Need To Know.

After the rescan, you’ll still find us on Channel 13 dash 1.

Here’s a step-by-step on how to rescan your channels.

If you have rescanned your set and are still not receiving WJZ, it is because we are temporarily running on a weaker signal. A combination of geography and signal strength are causing some homes to temporarily lose our signal.

WJZ is experiencing a lower powered signal during critical tower upgrades required by the FCC.

There’s going to be a brief period of time until we get our normal strong signal back. Right now, the station is running off its auxiliary antenna while we work to replace the main antenna. The station’s auxiliary antenna is unfortunately unable to output the FCC maximum approved power that we’re permitted to with our main antenna. That’s why some of our viewers can’t get us right now despite rescanning.

The main antenna will be installed by August 1st, as long as the weather cooperates. Anyone who is still unable to receive WJZ should rescan their TV channels AFTER we transition back to our new main antenna, hopefully by August 1st. We will definitely keep you updated on our progress because we want this fixed as much as you do.

We apologize and ask for your patience. We are confident you will be able to watch us again as soon as our fully powered signal is back.

No new equipment or services are required in order to keep your local channel access. If you receive us over cable, satellite, or Fios, no action is required.

Anyone who lives outside the Baltimore County area who is unable to receive WJZ after July 2nd should rescan their TV channels after we transition back to our new main antenna on August 1.

For more information, visit the FCC site or call 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) and press option 6 or go to TVAnswers.org

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  1. Ran says:

    Live in Odenton Md 21113. Have been watching WJZ as far back as Al Turner and Jerry Saunders headed the news team and Denise was a secret restaurant critic can’t get you and am really bummed out

  2. Carol Mason says:

    I’ve re-scanned my channels twice, but no channel 13-1. 2 and 11 are both there. I live in Middle River. I will disconnect everything and re scan again. Hope that helps. Otherwise I guess I will have to wait until August 1. GRRRR!

  3. Robin Mask says:

    Cant get 11, 13, 2 even after rescanning 6 times. I live in baltimore county.

  4. C Bocklage says:

    I live in SE Baltimore City and have rescanned several times and can not get ch. 13.
    Your auxiliary antenna problem must be directional as well as power related.
    August 1 is a long time away !

  5. Herb says:

    Been watching channel 13 for 40 years in Chestertown. My antenna picks up 67 channels from Delaware, Northern Virginia, DC and Baltimore. But no 13! Yes, rescanned multiple days.

  6. Nicole Fox says:

    How in 2020 with a large company can you not get your equipment ready in time for a government mandate. I’ve been watching for years using an antenna and now can not get 11 or 13. So ridiculous!!!

  7. King Julian says:

    just wait, if the Dems should win in Nov. you will only be able to get state TV, just like some other countries we know

  8. mmi16 says:

    How do I rescan a rotary tuner from a 1970 TV?

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