Hi Everyone!

Back in the station this week and back with you on this first day of June. It’s the first day of meteorological summer and we are in the brightest 60 days of the year. (That would be the month leading up to, and the month trailing away from the start of summer.) This morning as we began our broadcast at 4:30 a.m., the sky was already getting a bit bright on the Eastern horizon.

Crystal clear to start the day and end it too. Sunny and 74°. It will be breezy, but that means one thing this time of the yearr — no bugs.

Imagine you’re a mosquito longing for lunch. On a calm day, an arm would be the fast food carryout. But in a breeze of 15 miles per hour that mosquito would be trying to fly around in what would seem like tropical storm force winds. In other words grounded. They will come back with attitude by midweek when the winds calm and the hunger struggle is real. But not today. Grill out tonight, if you care to, without fear. Wind=NO BUGS.

Enjoy a seasonally cool, pleasant if you will day, and be safe.



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