BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Former Baltimore Ravens safety and Pro Football Hall of Famer Ed Reed took to Twitter Wednesday night to respond to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees saying he still opposes players kneeling during the national anthem. The Ravens safety recorded a video discussing the comments in which he called the Saints quarterback a “sucka” because he was trying to keep himself from using profanity in his response.

“I’m going to get straight to it. I see Drew Brees is doing his part in trying to keep black folk down,” said Reed. “You’re a straight sucka for that s*** Drew Brees. We all got kids, so I’m going to try to mind what I say right now. Drew Brees, you’re a straight sucka man, a straight sucka for that bro.”

“Why do you think all of these young people are out here protesting,” asked Reed. “Why you think they’re out here protesting. The looting? I can see you speaking on the looting and saying that’s bad and you don’t support that. But why you think all these young people out here protesting.”

Reed continued on to say that he doesn’t really have any other words for Brees other than that. He then said that for any Saints fans who still like Brees “just because they want to win games, y’all right with him.”

The reaction from Reed was one of many from both current and former players in response to Brees’ comments. The reaction stemmed from his response to a question about what he thinks about NFL players kneeling again once the season starts. Brees said that he “will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country.”

Several players pointed out in response to Brees’ comments that it was former Green Beret and Seattle Seahawks long snapper Nate Boyer who discussed the protest with Kaepernick and suggested that he take a knee as a sign of respect and peaceful protest.

Brees did apologize Thursday morning.

“I would like to apologize to my friends, teammates, the City of New Orleans, the black community, NFL community and anyone I hurt with my comments yesterday,” he posted.

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I would like to apologize to my friends, teammates, the City of New Orleans, the black community, NFL community and anyone I hurt with my comments yesterday. In speaking with some of you, it breaks my heart to know the pain I have caused. In an attempt to talk about respect, unity, and solidarity centered around the American flag and the national anthem, I made comments that were insensitive and completely missed the mark on the issues we are facing right now as a country. They lacked awareness and any type of compassion or empathy. Instead, those words have become divisive and hurtful and have misled people into believing that somehow I am an enemy. This could not be further from the truth, and is not an accurate reflection of my heart or my character. This is where I stand: I stand with the black community in the fight against systemic racial injustice and police brutality and support the creation of real policy change that will make a difference. I condemn the years of oppression that have taken place throughout our black communities and still exists today. I acknowledge that we as Americans, including myself, have not done enough to fight for that equality or to truly understand the struggles and plight of the black community. I recognize that I am part of the solution and can be a leader for the black community in this movement. I will never know what it’s like to be a black man or raise black children in America but I will work every day to put myself in those shoes and fight for what is right. I have ALWAYS been an ally, never an enemy. I am sick about the way my comments were perceived yesterday, but I take full responsibility and accountability. I recognize that I should do less talking and more listening…and when the black community is talking about their pain, we all need to listen. For that, I am very sorry and I ask your forgiveness.

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  1. Joe says:

    Just so you know it always just about the black race and your causes, there is a big world out there and it does NOT revolve around the black race but that’s what you want the world to think, so knelling Is a sign of disrespect to the ones that made the ultimate sacrifice. There are other was show support for your cause. And ALL are entitled to their own option and I will NOT allow you to force yours on me!

  2. TL says:

    Joe- were you high on crack when you wrote that nonsense? It makes no sense!

    I can’t agree or disagree w/ you because I have no idea what you are trying to say. This country gives you at least 12 years of free education, apparently you did not make use of them. Now that’s sad!

    1. Comprehension says:

      Well, no. It actually makes perfect sense if you take the time to read it and understand it. You know, like the protestors & activists want others to do: listen, learn, understand and see it from all angles.

      Correct – knowledge is power.

  3. Bob says:

    They both have a right to speak their mind. One of them will get booed when he steps onto the field and the other, who still often appears at Ravens games events, won’t. Taking a knee is NOT about the anthem or the flag, it is about people who still do not have equal rights in this country and some police who do not treat all equally. If people want to kneel, then they should. If they want to stand & salute, then they should. You are free to express yourself as you chose. You are also free to boo a player you do not like.

    I think it’s hysterical that a draft dodger who disrespected a POW & Gold Star parents on national TV would think he himself did not disrespect this country far worse than anyone who kneels during a song.

    Don’t trash Joe for being illiterate, he probably went to Trump University and drank the Kool-Aide at recess.

  4. Joe says:

    Why doesn’t CBS post these comments from a different black perspective. Facts are uncomfortable.

  5. Dawn K says:

    Nobody should be kneeling during the anthem. You are the sucka.

  6. tim says:

    A 16-year-old girl in Baltimore is killed, leaving her family reeling and the city struggling for answers after a very violent month.

    Hey Ed when are you protesting this? Is this keeping the black man down? I bet you can’t guess who shot her?

  7. Abercrombie says:

    I doubt the police shot her. People of all races shoot each other. Statistically they are most often people of the same race who know one another. You are mixing apples & oranges.

    The police are not supposed to kill someone in handcuffs who was yelling he could not breathe until he went unconscious & died. The police are supposed to prevent people from killing one another, not kill them. The issue is SOME (not most) police officers do not follow procedures and that leads to deaths that were preventable and some people being treated differently than others..

    It also saddens me people are not as outraged at all the killing in this country, on the streets and in homes as domestic violence.

    The anthem is a song and the Constitution gives you the right to do what you want to during it. It does not bother me what others do & I have no right to tell them what to do. Brees will stand, so good for him. Many will kneel, so good for them.

    1. tim says:

      9 unarmed black men died in 2019 by police, you do the math. And I wasn’t referring to the girl being shot by police but by a black person. The statistics are no there. What that cop did, he will pay. In fact a liberal Senator, Amy Klobuchar had the chance to charge him and get him kicked off the force but she failed.
      This whole thing is like COVID 19, a hoax. Everyone claims to be educated but if they were they will see that police brutality is not systematic.
      Defund the Police and see how fast MN collapses. Stupid people elected by stupid people.

  8. Liberals will toss trump says:

    LOL at Tim- yeah a hoax like over 100,000 people Covid has killed in this country? I think your red hat must be way too tight- good thing you can toss it in November when we toss Trump LOL

    9 people killed in police custody is 9 too many

    1. tim says:

      I see your liberal education did was it was suppose to do, make you stupid. What amazes me is you probably think Hogan did a great job on the hoax considering that Maryland had as many deaths as Florida. 6 million Marylanders to 21 million Floridians
      And the 9 people that were killed, do some research and learn for once. Now go be a good Creepy Joe lover and sniff little girls hair and enjoy your liberal cities burn to the ground while the rest of us enjoy peace and quiet in the suburbs.

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