BALTIMORE (WJZ) — ACLU of Maryland posted a picture Friday afternoon listing the names of some of the black people they said have been killed by police in the state.

“The murder of George Floyd is not a type of new injustice in the U.S. or in Maryland. We have seen over and over and over and over again, Black people being killed by police for centuries. Police are taking people’s lives and then facing few to no consequences. For too many families, their loved ones’ final moments were not caught on camera, and their names and their stories weren’t mentioned on the news, but these families’ pain is still felt. We are deepening our commitment to fighting racial injustice, ending white supremacy, and changing institutions that have failed to protect Black people. Black people, along with our nation, have lost too many lives,”

They listed the names starting with Freddie Gray, who died in police custody in 2015, spurring protesting and rioting in Baltimore.

Baltimore has seen its fair share of protests over the last week, after a Minneapolis man, George Floyd, died in police custody sparking national outrage.

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  1. LS says:

    They should also post the names of people of ALL ethnicities killed by police- it will show what a huge portion of them are black. Whites commit crimes and resist arrest too.

  2. J.R Coker says:

    Now post the numbers of all ethnicity…

  3. King Julian says:

    doesn’t fit their agenda

  4. King Julian says:

    aclu promoting more racism, j

  5. Joe Zilch says:

    ACLU , in the interest of fairness you need to change your name !

  6. Bill Smiths says:

    ACLU, a white liberal run organization who’s policies are diametrically opposed to the success of black people and the black family unit. When will black people realize the white liberal is not are friend.

    1. White Liberalz says:

      Agreed, so when are you going to stop voting for liberals?

  7. FRANK NOVOTNY says:

    interesting. it goes back to 2015, 127 have been killed. now let’s look at baltimore stats for blacks killing blacks in 2020 so far(less than 6 months).hmmmmm 153 thru saturday. that’s 26
    more in less than 6 months than cops have killed in 5 years. they are on track for another 300 plus murders of blacks killing each other. why doesn’t the aclu look into that.

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