BALTIMORE (WJZ) — George Floyd’s death in police custody and the subsequent nationwide protests have reignited conversations about racism in America.

In Baltimore, some of the demonstrators have shared their experiences with racism in Maryland.

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“My earliest memory or racism happened when I was about five or six years old,” Aleisha Murdock said.

“My earliest memory happened when i was 12 or 13,” Sanaa Jones said.

And for Cebrina Webb, it was when she was 9-years-old.

“My mother decided to take us to the pool,” Webb told WJZ. “We noticed a white woman and her child already in the pool, and the woman automatically snatcher her child up and their belongings and left the vicinity, immediately.”

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Jones said her experience was at a birthday party at her local mall.

“The officer told us to leave the food course,” she described. “And then he said we had to leave the mall.”

For Wordsmith, he described a night when “three to four cops jumped on top of me,” handcuffed him and put him in jail for three days. He said he was not charged nor informed of why he was arrested.

These experiences drove Murdock, Jones, Webb and Wordsmith to attend the protests being held throughout Maryland.

“I walked because I’ve been a victim, but I also walked because I want solutions,” Wordsmith said.

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Reverend Annie Chambers said she protested to deliver this message: “We won’t allow you to kill us no more.”

Annie Rose Ramos