Hi Everyone!

Today a shout out to all you ladies. It is about the makeup you wear and the late Spring and Summer’s heat and humidity.

On TV, male or female you need to wear makeup, to basically remove the washout of your facial features caused by the lights of the studio. After 8 hours in make-up I cannot wait, I mean I CANNOT WAIT to take the stuff off. Yesterday and today were not even or will not be hot and humid, and I just felt greasy all over because of the base layer, the powder, the highlight powder, the eyebrow make up and such. I wilt in it and you gals just radiate. Even this weekend in the humid nineties you will make up,  and boldly go where no man has successfully gone before…out in that soup.

Men just take a moment and think about then when you see our women trying to make Father’s Day something special. Put make up on once and you will understand that by them just showing up the legit effort that was put forth. 94° and humid. And we proud men will bark and moan about the SPF 30.

Cheers Ladies. Short and sweet this one was for you.



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