Hi Everyone!

It is Friday Eve in the big town. Thursday, June 18th. Misty to say the least, occasional showers, and humid. Two days ago the dew point was at 48°, yesterday 55°, and today the mid 60’s. By early next week the dew point will be in the low 70’s. Just as the outlook looked on Monday. To be honest the forecast modeling these days is that good.

I run talking about “forecast consistency” into the ground sometimes but the fact is it takes a real curveball from the Earth itself to jack up a forecast. And that is pretty cool. And now due to the “COVID chill out”, as I like to call it, the air and water are so much cleaner. How will that play into the variable. Time will tell.

We do have thunderstorms in the forecast the next few day’s but right now today is likely the least day with that threat. Unless Mother Nature gets the “two sign” from the catcher and breaks one off over the corner of the plate. We will watch that for ya! Be safe, and have a fine day.



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