BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Country singer Eric Church addresses Baltimore violence in his new single released Thursday.

Church’s new single, “Stick That In Your Country Song,” makes the case for more substance in country music.

He begins the song starting about social issues plaguing cities like Baltimore and Detroit:

Take me on up to Detroit City
Jails are full, the factories empty
Mama’s crying, young boys dying
Under that red white and blue still flying

Drop me off in Baltimore
Where every other window’s got a plywood board
Where dreams become drugs and guns
The only way out is to shoot or run

Stick that in your country song, yeah
Take that one to number one, yeah
And get the whole world singing along, yeah
Stick that in your country song, yeah (Oh)

According to Rolling Stone, this single is preview of Church’s next album. It was written by Jeffrey Steele and Davis Naish.

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    love it .

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