RANDALLSTOWN, Md. (WJZ) — A special appeals court ruled Wednesday in favor of the family of Korryn Gaines in an ongoing wrongful death lawsuit.

In 2016, the then 23-year-old Gaines was shot and killed by police in an hours-long standoff in Baltimore County.

Ever since, her family has been fighting for justice for her.

WJZ just spoke with the family attorney who said this newest ruling is a step in the right direction.

Originally, a grand jury awarded the family $38 million. A year later, however, that decision was reversed by a Baltimore County Circuit Court judge.


The most recent ruling essentially says that judge is wrong.

A special appeals court ruled to reinstate the $38 million verdict awarded to them in a civil suit.

Gaines was shot and killed by Baltimore County Police in 2016 during a six-hour standoff at her Randallstown apartment.

Police said she pointed a shotgun at officers trying to serve an arrest warrant.

“Korryn Gaines died a horrible, tragic, sadistic death, and we just wanted justice for her and her family,” Gaines’ family attorney J. Wyndal Gordon said.

Ever since her death, Gaines’ family has been fighting through the legal system.

Her family sued Baltimore County Police, saying that officers used excessive force when they fatally shot her and injured her 5-year-old son.

In 2018, a grand jury awarded Gaines’ family $38 million, but a year later, a Baltimore County Circuit Court judge reversed that decision citing, qualified immunity, which protects police officers from civil liability when carrying out their duties.

The family appealed, and on Wednesday, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals ruled in their favor.

Gordon said he spoke to Gaines’ mother about the decision.

“She wanted to say that justice was on the wings for us, but that we would win this case. But, she’s very excited,” he said.

Gordon said the next step is to return to court where they will make adjustments to the verdict and figure out what the actual award will be.

WJZ reached out to Baltimore County which sent us a statement saying they’re reviewing the opinion issued.

Rachel Menitoff

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  1. 66 says:

    You point a weapon at police, they should be able to kill you- you are a threat to them & the community. If she had put down the gun when ordered to she would be alive now. So sad too bad, but her family should have been billed for the police time not rewarded for her criminal behavior waving a gun around. This is ridiculous! Black lives matter, but she was armed & dangerous & it was fair game to kill her. If she had been unarmed it would not have been. Armed people are a threat regardless of color age or gender. Her police record is indicative of the fact she was not a law abiding citizen- she was trouble. Good riddance they absolutely should have shot her as a consequence of HER actions. The families of these gun wielding thugs should not be able to get a dime.

  2. dearie says:

    They did not deserve a dime- she committed a crime and they got rewarded for it? She chose suicide by cop & got what she wanted and deserved- the end-thank you for bringing a gun to the party

  3. Mark D says:

    insane her family does not deserve anything-yeah cops kill some unarmed people & thats wrong but she had a shottgun and pointed it at them & was endangering a child- they had a warrant for her arrest she was no angel had a record of being violent & hours to give herself up. her fault


  4. Keiki says:

    it’s just crazy to reward the family of a criminal who should have put the gun down when she was told to. This was not a George Floyd situation in the least she got what was coming to her. Floyd was unarmed——-she had a gun and they gave her what hours to put it down and give up??????????

  5. Joe G says:

    And if the Police had let her continue her rants with the gun in her apartment that day and she ended up shooting her family , the survivors would have filed a wrongful death law suit against the police for NOT shooting her and protecting them… lose/ lose situation… awarding a judgement against police based on feelings for the family instead of the legal facts of a situation (same thing when career criminal Freddie’s family was awarded millions BEFORE all the facts came out just to try and keep the peace in the City- we remember how well that worked out-) is ridiculous. Imagine the precedent this will set for armed people being approached by police ….maybe from now on, police just walk away from a scenario like this and let nature take it’s course…..

  6. Lou Canova says:

    County council should pass a law excluding police from trying to enter a persons home. Turn off electricity, gas ,telephone (and cell phone) and water. Wait them out. We have finally reached a society of insanity.

  7. King Julian says:

    johnny O will gladly pay and disband the police he is a socialist, watch and see, prepare for lots of crime in balto county.the executive does not care about you, he would rather help the city then balto county

  8. King Julian says:

    $400,000 is the cap on lawsuits against balto. county. won’t see 38 million

    1. Steve says:

      Glad they only got 400 grand. As it was said if Anyone points a gun at police they have every right to defend themselves. Horrible decision by the Kangaroo court.

  9. Bill Smiths says:

    It will no doubt go to the court of appeals and there it will end. The court of special appeals is full of liberal judges placed there by good old Marty O malley. This woman was dysfunctional and a danger to herself and anyone around her. I just wonder why they never charged the drug dealing boyfriend who brought the gun into the home and allowed this heifer to get a hold of it.

  10. Jennie says:

    Victory for the family. They deserve every red penny awarded. The Baltimore County police did not handle the situation professionally at all. It’s evident that the young lady had some mental issues and they were not trained to handle that type of situation.

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