BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Netflix dropped a reboot of Unsolved Mysteries Wednesday — and its first episode “Mystery on the Rooftop” talks about the 2006 disappearance and death of Rey Rivera in Baltimore.

Rivera, a finance writer, was found dead inside unused office space at the Belvedere Hotel. At the time, police attributed the 32-year-old’s death to suicide.

But his widow and family disagree with that conclusion. His glasses and cell phone were completely intact after the 14-foot drop. There was a drag mark on one of his flip flops and a broken strap on another. His money clip, a wedding gift from his wife, is missing. And Rivera’s body was found in an unused meeting room of the hotel; his body had come through a metal roof leaving a gaping hole.

The Netflix show takes you through Rivera’s last day and how the family eventually spotted his car and how his body was found.

His wife Allison is adamant he didn’t kill himself and she said the medical examiner’s office said his shins were broken in a way that wasn’t consistent with his fall.

Eventually, his wife also found a cryptic note with references to the Freemasons taped to his home office computer.

Rivera worked for his friend Frank Porter Stansberry. When his body was found, Stansberry and Associates put a gag order on their employees so that they couldn’t legally talk to anyone about the case.

Allison believes Rey may have stumbled across some information that ultimately led to his death.

His case was ruled “undetermined” and the case remains open.

The new Unsolved Mystery is a modern take on the original show that ran for 11 seasons and 260 episodes chronicling over 1,000 stories, and received six Emmy nominations.

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  1. Emily Devenport says:

    Did anyone investigate whether Rey Rivera may have been playing an RPG? The kind where multiple strangers leave clues for each other and try to hunt them down? His death may have occurred while he was playing the game, and the other players might have been frightened to come forward once they realized he died while playing the game.

    1. Actual Thinker says:

      This isn’t the dumbest theory out there, but it’s definitely in the running.

  2. Buffalo Rick says:

    I think its very very alarming and strange that his “best friend” lawyered up. This is more than suspicious. I would hound that guy until his last day. The key is with him. He has answers. He knows something

  3. Linda says:

    Why don’t they get the gag order overturned? I don’t understand. Wouldn’t want a best friend like his!

  4. Buffalo Rick says:

    Tried to edit my post. Anyway, it does not take Matlock to know that he was likely dead before he was pushed off the building. The glass’s and phone were planted for sure. The injuries are not consistent with a jump. It might take a reward to get answers? Maybe everyone raises $10 grand to start. I feel bad for this family. I would also pull any footage of all surrounding buildings security cameras if available? I would pull the hotel guest records also. Good luck

  5. Kay Cog says:

    I think he was hit by a car in the elevated car park thus breaking his legs and launching him out to fall through the roof…

  6. klpdesign01 says:

    has anyone checked if there was any construction work near the parking lot or hotel that required a crane or other equipment that would explain the location of the roof hole?

  7. klpdesign01 says:

    I can’t believe there was no other camera nearby that could have seen Rey …

  8. James says:

    Did anyone else notice that the “best friend” Porter Stansberry only put up $1000 as an initial reward to help find Rivera at first? This is the same guy who deals with very expensive stock trading and what not. That seems like a red-herring to me, the amount just to seem like he was making a good faith effort but it’s not really considering his investments, worth, and everything that ensued

  9. Anthony says:

    Wealthy people have access to aircraft(helicopter). Car was staged. Why would someone jump from a building that took so much work to access? Such a high chance of failure? Where is the money clip???

  10. Anthony says:

    If he was going to jump, why not jump from the front? Easier access, no obstruction from smaller structure/clear path. BETTER YET, why not jump from his own work building, which was close by and to which he certainly had a key and much better familiarity?

  11. Toby J says:

    Frank Porter Stansberry and people who worked for him at the time of this brutal MURDER were obviously involved in an attempt to silence a witness and avoid a $1.5MM fine. It is a disgrace to the authorities in Baltimore and the SEC that they have never even been named as people of interest in this investigation and compelled to undergo questioning by police. What a disgusting city.

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