ASSATEAGUE ISLAND, Md. (WJZ) — A woman was kicked by a horse after she hit the wild Assateague horse with a shovel, according to a video posted on social media.

In the video, posted to the People of Ocean City Boardwalk’s Facebook page, you can see a wild horse trying to find food on a person’s beach set up.

A woman nearby with a shovel, hits the horse on the backside with a plastic shovel and horse bucks her with his back legs.

A group of onlookers tells the woman to “watch out” but it’s too late and she’s knocked to the ground. She didn’t seem to be injured and got right back up.

You can hear a man say, “tell her to stay away from them.”

“Yeah, they are going to kick you,” another woman says.

U.S Park officials tell visitors to stay away from the horses. They say feeding or petting them can be detrimental for the horses.

The incident was reported to police on Sunday, according to Chesapeake Bay Magazine.

Learn more about the wild horses here. 

Comments (23)
  1. DitzzeeChick says:

    Kick her again…she’s stupid.

  2. Joe says:

    Great, hope he knocked every tooth out of her abusive head! Hope the horse is alright!

  3. Blue Lives Matter/White Lives Matter says:

    Someone needs to hit her right in the face with the same shovel!

    1. radicalthinker says:

      Somebody should do the same to you, racist trash.

      1. Jacqueline says:

        Really, was that necessary? You really made yourself seem more of one just by calling him out.

  4. Jay Pedersen says:

    I love the first three responses and have nothing to add except I love houses.

    1. James Naggles says:

      “Horses”, Jay. “Horses”. 🙂

  5. Valarie Long says:

    The woman needs to be arrested and charged.

  6. Gwen Nolte says:

    She didn’t hurt the horse! But she sure was stupid! Good example of what happens when people take to feeding the wildlife.

  7. LD says:

    Maybe she should go to a beach without wild horses; knucklehead should be charged for abusing the horse.

  8. stemarhan says:

    Was the fat hillbilly charged?

  9. Steve says:

    It says she hit the horse on the backside with a plastic shovel. most probably one that is about 10 inches long, used by kids with the little plastic pails. It was a stupid thing to do and she probably learned a lesson. But equally stupid are some of the comments here asking if she was charged. She did not beat the horse with a six foot steel shovel. And the horse let her know it was not appropriate. She got what she earned.

  10. dearie says:

    It is a crime to mess with the wild horses- they have signs posted

  11. KELLY FOSTER says:

    If you look closely, the woman fell before the horse kicks out. The horse is defending it self. The short video does not show the woman getting kicked. There is no reason for any of these comments calling the woman names.

    1. Dale Brown says:

      Kelly Foster, I agree. Obviously she did not read the signs, and she does not know horses (nor do I). But it appears she was trying to save her lunch and did what came to mind and hand — pick up a sand shovel and slap the hose’s behind.. I also thought she tripped and fell while stepping back away from the horse. Full Disclosure: I was not there.

  12. barry sucktero says:

    stupid is…as stupid does!

  13. Melio says:

    Almost worthy of a Darwin Award.

  14. superafricanguy says:

    That would be so cool to see horses walking around the beach.

  15. Karen Zee says:

    If that horse wanted to, it could have killed her. It was being gentle, simply warning her to show some respect. I am sure the lady learned a valuable lesson.

  16. wingedwolfpsion says:

    “Wild” horses, lol. These feral domesticated horses — and a lot of them aren’t even feral, obviously. If this horse will let a human walk right up to it, it’s habituated to human contact, and it’s not even feral.

    ‘Feeding or petting them can be detrimental.’ I mean, if you feed them things horses shouldn’t eat, then yes. Petting them? I guess if you don’t wash your hands or something, that could be detrimental?

    Guys, if you can pet a horse, it’s a completely tame horse. Someone was caught riding one recently, I hear. They’re just domesticated horses roaming loose, and left there because they are a big tourist attraction.

    Can we stop pretending they are WILD? The only wild horses in the entire world are Przewalski’s horses. If you try to ride one of those, it will send you to the moon. lol

  17. Wes Werd says:

    Slapping a wild horse with a plastic shovel is definitely detrimental to ones health.

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