PASADENA, MD. (WJZ) —  What was a quiet and enjoyable Sunday evening turned into a nightmare for one neighborhood in Pasadena after a storm blew through, bringing a garage down with it.

“It was just like a tornado came through,” said Pasadena resident Darla. “It was just like, Wooooosh!”

The storm left parts of the neighborhood destroyed.

“There were branches all in the backyard,” said another Pasadena resident David.

On Dunn Road, a child’s birthday party was happening in a backyard when the storm hit.

Credit: Anne Arundel County Fire

“They went to seek shelter in the garage when the tree came down,” said Russ Davies with the Anne Arundel County Fire Department.

The tree trapped everyone inside.

“There were 20 people inside the garage when this tree came down on it,” Davies said.

Nineteen people were taken to hospitals, including two children.

“The injuries are severe, but they do not believe them to be life-threatening,” Davies said.

“I hope everybody’s ok,” Darla said.

Authorities said that among the group taken to the hospital, one has critical injuries and at least one other person was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Annie Rose Ramos

  1. Keki says:

    I thought gatherings over 10 people were not allowed? Disgusting parents endangered kids like that by having a party during a pandemic. Parties can wait

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