By MATTHEW BARAKAT Associated Press

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — Two men who plotted to firebomb a Nebraska pharmacy to benefit their own online black market drug dealing pleaded guilty Friday to federal charges.

William Burgamy, 32, of Hanover, Maryland, ran a website called NeverPressedRX that sold oxycodone and other drugs over the darknet, a part of the Internet only accessible through encryption, prosecutors in Virginia federal court said.

His supplier was a real pharmacist, Hyrum Wilson, 41, of Auburn, Nebraska, who ran Hyrum’s Family Value Pharmacy. According to court papers, the two conspired to blow up a competing pharmacy in Wilson’s town, Cody’s U-Save Pharmacy. The two reasoned that Wilson’s pharmacy would pick up more business and allow him to illegally funnel even more drugs to the darknet operation without attracting the suspicion of federal regulators.

Authorities say a search of Burgamy’s home found eight loaded weapons in his residence. Text messages showed that he made a list of needed equipment for the firebombing that included body armor, weapons, bottles, lighter fluid and other materials.

Feds: Maryland Online Drug Dealer Planned To Bomb Nebraska Pharmacy

Court records show that the NeverPressed website was operating since August 2019. Earlier that year, Wilson and Burgamy were partners in a skin-care product called Scargenix. In a 10-minute infomercial hosted by model Kathy Ireland, Wilson hawks a lotion for reducing scarring, featuring testimonials from Burgamy and Burgamy’s mother.

Both Burgamy and Wilson pleaded guilty to a drug trafficking conspiracy, money laundering, and conspiracy to use explosives. Burgamy pleaded guilty to a firearms charge as well.

Each of the counts carry a maximum term of 20 years in prison when they are sentenced in November.

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