BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A group of several dozen people protested near a Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police building Saturday night.

The group chanted “Defund 12” and held signs reading “Black Lives Matter” as they stood shoulder-to-shoulder across Buena Vista Avenue in north Baltimore near the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3.

In a statement on Twitter, FOP said the group “defaced” its building and burned its American flag, calling them “losers who live in their Mommy and Daddy’s basements.”

Residents said the building was quickly cleaned up after protestors gathered on Buena Vista Avenue this weekend.

“I came out and saw floods of young kids coming up the hill as the helicopter continued for 30-45 minutes repeating the same message,” said Aladdin Collar, who lives nearby.

FOP President Mike Mancuso also blasted Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, saying the commissioner is “a complete no show”:

“Last night, anarchists attacked Baltimore City FOP Lodge #3 by defacing our building and burning our American flag. This was an attak on not only our building but also on the men and women of the Baltimore Police Department, both active and retired. The damage that was done has been corrected and we will continue our work to represent the rank and file members of the BPD. No losers who live in their Mommy and Daddy’s basements will ever be able to deter us in our mission.

“The Police Commissioner, however, is a different story and the fact that he seems to have disappeared during all of this is disgusting! Commissioner Harrison was available, several weeks ago, to kneel in the street with these losers but when it comes to supporting the working members of the BPD, he’s a complete no show; not even a simple phone call or text. While I understand his slight to me, the incredible disrespect he’s shown to our membership is unconscionable and I can promise that it will be remembers. Baltimore City and its Police Officers deserve better than a completely ineffective leader who disappears when leadership is required!”

Resident Sam Kipnes said he heard the crowd, but did not associate the crowd with violence, adding he thinks the country is hurting and needs to heal.

“Graffiti is just about as non-violent as any other form of art painting is a peaceful act,” he said.

The city’s police department said Sunday morning a statement that an investigation is underway.

“Last night, the Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police building was targeted and vandalized with derogatory messages and an American Flag was burned. There is an active and ongoing investigation into this act of vandalism and destruction of property. While we will continue to engage with our communities to create and repair community-police relations and protect the first amendment rights of our residents, we will absolutely not tolerate acts of vandalism and will hold these offenders accountable.” said Commissioner Michael Harrison

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Rachael Cardin

Comments (7)
  1. King Julian says:

    read the judge’s order that is in charge of the consent decree BPD needs to hire more officer’s to come into compliance, as he said “their is no means to defund the police with compliance of the decree”

  2. a mom says:

    This will go on & on until the police realize this is not a one time thing or something that is going to go quietly away until they make significant changes and stop killing unarmed people by kneeling on their necks until they die screaming I can’t breathe!!!!!!

    People who want the killing of unarmed handcuffed people or people in their own homes doing nothing wrong are not “anarchist” –the cops killing them are!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no comparison between killing a man and some graffiti. When you kill an unarmed person THAT is an attack! No cops were attacked, a flag was burned & some graffiti- no one died.

    Stealing a flag is illegal burning one is not. The police are ruining their own PR they are supposed to serve and protect not kill unarmed people in cuffs.

    1. King Julian says:

      mom you do not mention, all the black on black killing that dominates baltimore, WHY?

  3. BLM TASK FORCE says:

    let’s see they can’t even protect their own building or catch the people who vandalized it- nothing to worry about protesters, business as usual keep on exercising your rights

  4. Indy says:

    the movement is only going to grow trump has been fueling it for 3+years and the pot is not going to blow over it is going to boil over. This country is going to change either via mass violence or politicians getting off their butt and changing things the police need to be reformed the days of getting away with killing blacks, immigrants, muslims, gays etc disrespecting women raping children and covering it up etc are over. most whites support the movement now things will change

    1. dtl0813 says:

      Most people of all colors don’t support “the movement” whatever that is and your comment about police killing just is nonsense with no facts to back it up.

  5. Joe G says:

    Unfortunately, the days where “blacks, muslims, immigrants, gays , etc are killed will never be over because the REAL reason for all the killings in the inner cities will never be addressed. The anti-government, terrorist, hate group known as BLM( which by the way, is NOT supported by most whites), will continue to deflect and assign blame to everyone and everything else instead of going to the root causes of violence and murder in the black community. BLM has had hundreds of millions of dollars donated to it’s “cause”, but the community it supposedly represents continues to deteriorate……maybe begin to help the people you say you stand for instead of spending that money on backpacks, umbrellas, skateboards, and cans of yellow paint……

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