Hi Everyone!

One more day in the nineties, then it is “gravy baby!” What a great line –”gravy baby!”

A good friend of mine turned me onto that phrase; he uses it a lot.

Another great line to describe being near the end of something is, “It’s almost chicken.” That line was spoken on Friday here in Studio A, by a retired colleague of ours, Roz Stroble.

I looked at Roz when she first said it and went, “What?”

Roz told me you’re are singing that final hymn in church on Sunday and you know Sunday supper is around the corner. “It’s almost chicken!!!”

Both sayings work well today because once we get beyond the 102° this afternoon it is into the mid 80’s the next two days.

Then just around 90° through mid-week next week. And that is how we will end and July, then start August.

Recount any hymn you want that contains the word, “Hallelujah,” then pass me that gravy to put on that chicken and potatoes. Even the “beach bum” in me hungers for a break from these big 90’s temps.



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