DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ) — For weeks, many Marylanders have been frustrated by mail delays, and some haven’t been getting their mail at all.

“Me and my wife have been sitting here waiting for mail for the last five days,” said Dundalk resident William Ellison.

Dozens of frustrated Dundalk residents said they can’t figure out why USPS isn’t delivering their mail.

“It’s been a week or more that we haven’t received any mail in our mailbox,” said Edgemere resident Aaron Bloyer.

They‘ve been coming to the post office on Shipping Pl. to try to pick it up and figure out what the problem is.

Many said they aren’t getting bills and paychecks on time, putting a strain on their homes and businesses

The delays have been a problem all across the country.

Political leaders said they’re concerned about operational changes made at the Postal Service, including the elimination of overtime and an order to hold mail until the next day if centers are running late.

When WJZ asked about the delays, the USPS issued a statement that said, in part:

“The Postal Service is committed to providing the highest level of customer service, which includes timely, reliable and secure delivery of mail and packages. If a customer does have a concern, we welcome them to contact us as soon as possible so we can respond quickly to resolve their concerns.”

Post Master General Louis Dejoy announced Friday a modified organizational structure to, “operate in a more efficient and effective manner.”

Stetson Miller

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  1. chrissfarmer says:

    It’s 100% planned! Trump appointed Louis DeJoy as Postmaster in May. He has NO experience whatsoever and owns millions in stock in USPS competitors, a conflict of interest, & he also contributed lots of money to the Trump campaign. Surprise surprise! He is intentionally causing these problems as a favor to Trump and, if people use companies he owns instead of USPS, gee, he makes more money! Previous Postmasters appointed by other POTUS were people who actually worked for the Postal Service for many years and were promoted for efficiency. The last one had 29 years USPS experience when appointed by Obama, working her way up from a Letter Carrier. Yes, DeJoy will eventually be blamed for USPS incompetence and perhaps making a huge mess of the mail, but as a multi millionaire real estate tycoon it is not like he needs a real job. He’ll help out Trump gladly by bollixing up the USPS like we have never seen before!

    This planned incompetence is clearly a move to try to postpone the election by fouling and discrediting the postal service, fanning the flames that they will be incapable of handling mail in ballots. So, Trump installs his buddy as Postmaster in May then, all of the sudden, starts badmouthing the Postal Service? Even a redhat can figure that one out! Trump knows he is going to lose, he is doing anything he can to be a good little dictator and keep himself in office using anything he can get away with.

    It is CLEARLY a Trump ploy, do not fall for it! He has now realized he does not have the power to stop states from having mail in ballots, so now he is now going to try to stop the mail.

    1. King Julian says:

      get help

      1. Guybrush Threepwood says:

        Before you complain, this is a threat to democracy, this is not TDS, I’ve had Twitter accounts permanently suspended for defending public services, without spewing or suggesting hate or harm.. If you are looking to fight me, go away, you have no war power here.

        That said…

        He’s winding the USPS down like a failed business for divestment to a private owner/conservator. The reason it is in so much trouble now is that there has been so many cuts and demands to prepay retirement. I’ve had several dozen orders hijacked since March. I even had an assistance check from a peer get lost in FedEx, and I owe him the $5K in money back.

        When Biden takes charge, he should have the USPS structure restored to the fullest of capacity as a public service

  2. Anonymous says:

    so lemme see if t’RUMP installed one of his cronies as head of the post office in may and now it sucks whose fault is that? If it worked better before then that old head should be back.

    He does not want an election by mail so wow gee so now he put someone in to destroy the mail? You gotta be blind not to see what he is up to Isn’t it a crime to interfere in elections by keeping people from voting? Wait and see the ballots from blue states get lost in the mail and ones from red states get delivered overnight Wake up people

    1. King Julian says:

      you also

  3. sultanvinegar says:

    right Julie, I’m sure the dumb racist pile of human feces has NOTHING to do with this

  4. a mom says:

    Look at the timing and Trump has gotten on a roll that the post office can’t handle that much more mail to have the election so he puts one of his unqualified friends in charge of the postal service to make it worse? Any idiot can see you put someone in charge of something and it suddenly goes to heII that person is the problem. Its nothing to do with politics just common sense. I don’t care if they don’t have the results for a month or more the law says this is a democracy and we have an election in November. Its Trump either way- he wants to stop the election and he put that gut in charge of the post office. Why can’t people see that and thru his lies?

  5. GUNS FOR ALL says:



  6. Xander says:

    DT- Pence, bring me another quarter pounder with cheese! Super size it! I am losing to Sleepy Joe, how do I stay in power? I want to cancel the election!

    Minion- Sorry, Your Highness, you can’t do that.

    DT- Why not, I’m rich, I can do anything I want to, even grab ’em by the puss….

    Minion- No no, that’s Pence, Your Highness, don’t grab him again, he likes it too much. I’ll go get Ivanka. The Constitution says you can’t cancel the election.

    DT- Constitution, what’s that? Can I buy it and turn it into a golf resort?

    Minion- No, Your Highness, it’s paper all full of important words you never read.

    DT- Like the Bible?

    Minion- Exactly, Your Highness. You already have all the words, you have the best words, remember?

    DT- Oh yeah, I do, I just can’t spell them. Well then, I want to stop people from voting by mail. My red hats and the Q’s will all vote, they know COVID is just a hoax…from China…that Democrats and CNN invented to stop me, me me me, a very stable genius. Is it tee time yet? Gimme my phone, I wanna tweet that China lie…I’ll call it the kung fu flu, that’s genius!

    Minion- No, Your Highness, not yet and you already did that. Here, have another piece of KFC. Well, Your Highness, each state can decide to have mail in ballots, you can’t stop that. You are not the king of all states, remember?

    DT- Oh yes I am! Fake news, fake news, fake fake fake Anderson Cooper! Bring me all the blue governors and off with their heads…and I want that RINO Hogan’s head on a platter too!

    Minion- I’m sorry, you can’t chop off heads, it gets all messy and Rudy can’t clean it up, remember?

    DT- Oh yeah. What happened to Rudy? Where’s my phone, I wanna tweet some new laws.

    Minion- Tweets aren’t laws, remember? I know, If you can’t stop states from holding mail in elections, how about you stop mail?

    DT- Oh cool, can I send the Space Force to do that?

    Minion- No, Your Highness, You sent them out to look for intelligent life, remember?

    DT- Oh yeah, so they’ll vote for me…several times each. Wait a minute, they’d be immigrants, immigrants bad, I don’t like them!

    Minion- Don’t worry, intelligent life does not vote for you. Why don’t you make a list of all the stupid really incompetent people that you know?

    DT- Here, already got one. Pass the ketchup? Where’s my putter?

    Minion- Your Highness, that’s a list of your cabinet.

    DT- So? Just pick one of my incompetent rich friends and put them in charge of the Postal Service and that will stop it just like DeVos stopped education. Maybe Don Junior could handle that, he has lots of experience messing things up and lying, I taught him everything he knows. Stop the mail and no election and I win! FORE! Let’s all take a vacation and go play golf!

    Minion- But, King Donald, that would not look good, there’s a pandemic and hundreds of Americans are dying every day.

    DT- Fake news! It’s only because we do too much testing, more testing than anyone, we do the best testing. Stop the testing and it’s over. I tweeted, done! Donald Trump saves the world again! You gonna eat that?

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