Hi Everyone!

One more day of an intense heat index then we shut that deal down for many days. After today’s 91°, but a heat index of 104°, we will slip into the low to mid 80’s until next Tuesday!

Now if we could just clear out the daily chance of showers and thunderstorms we will be living large!

The rub in the forecast through Friday is that stalled front right over us. By the weekend it will be a Low diving out of the Great Lake toward us driving the forecast. The only day in the 7- day forecast that is calm would be Tuesday and it will be cloudy. So what it boils down to is this, Sunny-Hot-Humid, or Cloudy-Wet-Mild or to put it a different way would you rather visit Phoenix or Seattle?

In the age of COVID-19 nice feel like you’re on vacation while staying home.



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