By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

The headline is simply “we are out of the heat zone.”  I know we got clubbed again last night by heavy rain, (Two nights ago it was Middle River/Essex, this time ground zero was Fed Hill and Ellicott City), and there is more rain on the radar now and expected through the day. But the high this afternoon is only 83°, and for the next seven days we stay in the mid 80’s. We are out of the “heat zone.”  The normal daytime high is the mid 80’s and we are right on the mark,…..finally. But we do have to address more rain, and possible flooding.

As I write this blog we have radar returns blossoming around D.C., and moving up the 95 corridor. Already saturated ground getting wetter and this is before the rounds of rain, and thunderstorms, again expected later. Because of “all the above” a Flash Flood Watch is in effect until Midnight. Where will ground zero be,? Right now it looks like everywhere. Time will tell.

But everywhere this day we are out of the “heat zone.”  Finally.



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