FREDERICK, Md. (WJZ) — Savannah Altamirano and her husband, Gari, tied the knot in a small ceremony.

“We’re both active duty military, both Air Force, and last year we had a small little courtship, we got married before moving here,” Savannah Altamirano said.

The plan was to eventually hold a larger ceremony with family and friends.

“Just the happiness to be able to actually have a wedding and ceremony and celebrate with others. I feel like that’s the part of it, being able to show our love with our family and friends,” Savannah Altamirano said.

With that set to happen next year, the search for a wedding dress was on, which brought her to Diamond Couture Bridal in Frederick.

A light-pink satin an white-lace mermaid dress won out.

“The first time I saw her in this dress, I was like, ‘Yes, that’s the one,'” Gari Altamirano said. “I think our daughter really liked it, too.”

The icing on the cake, Savannah Altamirano won’t pay a penny for her dress. It’s thanks to Brides Across America. A non-profit that provides wedding dresses to military, first responder and frontline brides, free of charge.

On Saturday, Diamond Couture gave away 20 dresses.

It’s a show of support and a way to say thank you.

“It means so much. I’m so proud to be able to serve in the military, it’s such an awesome program and I shared it with all my friends,” Savannah Altamirano said. “I was like, ‘I’m going with this event and I’m really excited about it.’ I’m so happy I found a dress.”

If you’re a frontline worker, first responder or are in the military and you have a wedding coming up, they’ll be holding this event again next year.

Sean Streicher