Hi Everyone,

Laura’s landfall last night was dramatic to say the least. And now she heads North then eventually steered our way this weekend by a cold front that will, combined with the counter clockwise circulation around Laura’s remnants, drop our temperatures into the comfortable low 80’s Saturday and into the first few day’s leading up to the Labor Day holiday weekend. And that is my focus today.

For the first time in what seems to be forever we are going on a long run of temperatures at or below normal. (Seems like forever especially after that blistering July.) I guess our of real bad comes some good here anyway.

I can remember a labor Day in the early 90’s when it was cool enough that the kids did not even want to get into a pool. I mean like even with Sun a daytime temp in the mid 60’s. We have also had Labor Days that felt mor3e like July days. What will this year hold for us. It is easy to joke and say, “Well after all it is 2020,” but the weather fact is this time of the year really does, albeit slowly, signal the beginning of the change of seasons. Albeit slowly. So say tuned and we will see together.

But only in 2020 can we find some good, in this case temp wise, out of something as problematic as Laura.



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