ELKRIDGE, Md. (WJZ) — Police have identified the suspected impaired driver who was shot and killed by a Maryland State trooper overnight. Police said the man was shot after he dragged the trooper along I-95 as he attempted to flee a traffic stop in Howard County.

The incident happened just after 2 a.m. Friday on northbound I-95 near Rt. 100 in Elkridge.

Maryland State Police identified the suspect as 36-year-old Julio Cesar Moran-Ruiz from Baltimore.

In a press conference Friday morning, State Police Superintendent Col. Woodrow W. Jones III shared preliminary information about the investigation into the shooting.

Police said a uniformed trooper in a marked police vehicle stopped a suspected impaired driver after seeing a red Ford Escape weaving across multiple lanes of I-95. The driver pulled over to the right shoulder.

When the trooper approached the car, officials said he saw the male driver was impaired and saw several alcohol beverage containers in the car. The trooper requested backup to help him conduct a field sobriety test, which police said is standard procedure.

The trooper asked the driver to exit the vehicle several times, police said, but the man refused. He also provided a false name to the trooper. That’s when the man put the vehicle in drive. The trooper tried to remove the keys from the ignition, but instead the suspect accelerated, dragging the trooper more than 2,000 feet down the interstate.

“The trooper yelled repeatedly at the driver, telling him to stop and warning him that he would shoot,” Jones said. “The driver refused and continued to accelerate down the interstate.”

Police said the trooper feared for his life and shot the driver and was thrown from SUV and into the center median. Another trooper found the injured trooper not far from where the car eventually came to a stop.

The trooper, a three-year veteran, suffered injuries to his lower extremities and was taken to Shock Trauma for treatment. He was treated and released, police said.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said troopers also found a machete under the driver’s seat within hand’s reach of the driver. They also found alcoholic beverage containers inside his Ford Escape.

Police did not specify whether the trooper knew about the machete or if Moran-Ruiz threatened him with it.

Both troopers at the scene were placed on administrative leave while the investigation continues. There is dashcam video of the incident that will be under review, but troopers do not wear body cameras.

Jones has not committed to releasing the dash-cam video of the incident and said the Howard County State’s attorney is still investigating. Any release of video will be made in consultation with prosecutors, he said.

WJZ listened to the police radio dispatch recordings which provide insight into how the incident and response unfolded.

Police rushed to shut down the interstate and get a medevac chopper to the scene.

Due to the extensive area of the scene along northbound I-95, morning traffic had to be diverted around the area. MDOT State Highway Administration personnel responded to assist with detours.

The interstate remained closed between Routes 100 and 195 for police activity throughout the morning, reopening around 9 a.m.

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  1. Jerome says:

    here come the riots

    1. Edgar Poe says:

      Joe Biden will side with the probable illegal drunk driver….

  2. Lee High says:

    What’s funny is the Washington Compost writes “allegedly drags cop”. Yet they have all the info saying the cop shot this man. The Washington Compost just wants more divide.

  3. dffd ffdfd says:

    Spucking Ficks.

    1. dffd ffdfd says:


  4. chrissfarmer says:

    I am a lifelong Democrat & Biden supporter and I think this shooting WAS JUSTIFIED. This man (his ethnicity is irrelevant and comments about it are just ignorant racists who somehow never comment on race when whites commit crimes) had a vehicle, which is a lethal weapon and used it against the trooper, who was CREDIBLY in fear of his or her life when s/he shot the driver..

    This is not the same thing as shooting unarmed people in the back or kneeling on their necks until they are dead & so on. There will be no “riots” over this as most of us Bien fans are same people and see where this was justified (at least according to the facts presented in this report). BTW peaceful protests are a right and most protesters are just that……just like the throng of Trumpsters in New Hampshire who booed when asked to obey state law and put on masks. They should have all been arrested & the event shut down.

  5. V says:

    ditto-some shooting are justified this one was

    PS Biden is not anti police and has never said he will defund them- it’s Trump who says that!

    There is proof the guy was shot as he is dead, it is not an “alleged” shooting, MSP admits theior cop shot him. The statement the cop was dragged is “alleged” since there is no independent proof of that, just the cop’s word. This is standard in journalism, people are “alleged” until they have been charged or there is proof such as a guilty verdict or medical report etc It has nothing to do w/ jaded journalism it is to avoid lawsuits. now the dragging & they guy being intoxicated are allegations. I looked him up- no history of drunk driving but 2 stops when he did not have a license. Saying anyone w/ a spanish name is “illegal” is BS

    1. Mara Alexander says:

      Washington Post said he’d been deported and came back to help care for his kids, and feared being deported again. Reentering after deportation is a felony, punishable by 2 years in prison. He had plenty to be afraid of, aside from possibly drunk driving, or driving w/o a license.

  6. Tyree says:

    White liberals only know what CNN feeds into their feeble minds. It’s nice that you people allow CNN to say whats justified and what’s not. The only time liberal media doesn’t allege something is when it fits their racial inflammatory narrative.

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