BALTIMORE (WJZ) — An impromptu mission ended with 18 electric scooters being pulled from the Inner Harbor.

It all started when a doctor with the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology and his staff spotted a pile of scooters at the bottom of the harbor during low tide.

Photo Courtesy Of The National Aquarium.

So his team, along with the National Aquarium, Blue Water Baltimore and The Waterfront Partnership got to work.

They say because the batteries from the scooters contain toxic materials, it was important they be removed as soon as possible.

The group not only removed the scooters, but also five bicycles, one skateboard, a mini scooter and a street sign from the harbor.

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  1. William Johnson says:

    The lack of civility and conscientiousness by a certain segment of the “denizens “of the city make “LIVING” here a “ARDUOUS TASK.”

  2. Billy Bob. says:

    Well it looks like Willie Johnson, instead of he and his type spending time growing up to be civilized human beings, instead wasting time on learning how to not use such stupid wording. The problem here is rather simple, a total lack of control of all of those little and maybe midsized Nig-Nogs running all over the place in downtown Baltimore, as usual at the cost of the rest of the state of Maryland to clean up their mess. Maryland should do something really simple, build a border wall around the city limits of Baltimore, and that those people down there just figure it out on their own with the lack of any other funding from us folks out in the counties.

  3. Joe Black says:

    Come one guys, no sense in being subtle with your racist commentary. It’s 2020! I should be seeing 2007 Dodge Ram with over-sized confederate flags with “Don’t tread on me” license plates type commentary. You can do better, guys!

    Kudos to the doctor for spearheading the effort!

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