BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s no secret that the last six months in our country have been intense and overwhelming. From the coronavirus outbreak, to the fight for racial equality — all with a monumental presidential election in the backdrop.

One local nonprofit organization is doing its part to inspire and empower young girls of color.

The Charm School Project for Girls is all about making sure Black and Brown girls celebrate their beauty and trust themselves to lead.

Through mentorship and art—the girls learn to express themselves through dance and visual art. While learning leadership and other life skills.

Together, they crafted this short film called “A Rally for Brown Girls” – saying their mission is to remind the youth to celebrate their culture and be confident in their skin—all while making a change—and reinforce the idea that representation matters.

“We are female. We are brown, black and gold. We are unapologetic. We are special. We are like no other. Often imitated due to the magic they see that sparkled off our melanated skin, we are brown girl magic,” one of the girls says in the short film.

The Charm School Project offers program that focus on their key initiatives: dance, sisterhood, leadership, and life-skills.

In July, Beyonce released Black is King on Disney+ with a similar mission in mind as a dance rally for brown girls: to uplift and empower all parts of the African diaspora—and some parts of the Charm School video pay tribute to that.


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