OWINGS MILLS, Md. (WJZ) — Baltimore County Police are investigating two incidents where women reported they were sprayed with an unknown substance that made them feel “dizzy and weak” while shopping at grocery stores in Owings Mills earlier this month.

The first incident happened on September 8 at the Giant grocery store in the 10200 block of Mill Run Circle in Owings Mills. A woman said she was approached by a man who said she had something on her pant leg. When the woman touched the substance it made her feel dizzy. Surveillance footage from the store shows the man spraying an unknown substance on the woman and following her throughout the store.

The man then followed her out of the store, but when she made a scene about him following her, he left the area.

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Another incident occurred the next day at the Wegmans in the 10100 block of Reisterstown Road also in Owings Mills. Again, that woman said she felt dizzy after touching the substance.

“We know that we have a suspect that’s going into grocery stores, following women around and then at some point making an approach and spraying an unknown substance on their pant leg,” Baltimore County Police spokesperson Sgt. Vickie Warehime said.

In both cases, the man told the women there was something on their pant leg. The second victim didn’t report the incident until Sept. 22.

Police are looking to identify the man pictured below who they say was involved in both incidents. They’re also investigating the possibility there are more victims.

“One of our concerns is that we don’t know what the intention or the motive of the suspect is,” Warehime said.

Police are searching for the identity of this man. Credit: Baltimore County Police


Shoppers WJZ spoke with Thursday night were unaware of the incidents.

“It’s just shocking that somebody would do that,” a shopper named Ashley said.

Another shopper named Kalita said it’s definitely concerning and another reason to be constantly alert.

“I just feel as women we just always have to be aware of our surroundings at all times,” she said.

In an email, Giant Foods said it doesn’t comment on ongoing police investigations.

If anyone else has been a victim of similar incidents, police said they should call 410-887-6975 and speak with detectives from the Franklin Precinct.

Annie Rose Ramos

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  1. King Julian says:

    when you catch him, waterboard him

  2. mary newsome says:

    of course its a f-ing nggr speak the truth. don’t sugar coat it.

    1. Lick Balls says:

      It’s always is a dirty N*gger!!!! I hope he runs when they try to arrest him. They all run and then get shot! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Olrik says:

    That was his urine as he was marking his territory…

  4. Jsmith says:

    Why does the mainstream media not post the race of the victims when the suspect is black?

    1. Joe g says:

      Don’t you know yet that its racist to show pics of criminals if they’re black and committed a crime against a white person? I’m sure they have a hard time even showing the picture of a black suspect. Balto Co Police made an announcement that they will no longer show mug shots of people who have been arrested because too many were black and they didnt want to project the image that blacks commit more crime than whites!! Pretty soon, if BLM and NAACP have they way, we won’t ever get a good description of a suspect if they’re black.. maybe it’ll be ” be on the look out for a Male Human ” ….. the truth hurts and that reality is that in the Baltimore region, most crime is committed by blacks. How about maybe fixing the problem at home where it starts instead of bowing down to civil rights groups who always blame everyone and everything else for the problems in those communities?….

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