By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

In 90 days it will be Christmas Eve. Nothing like starting off a vlog with a random thought but It is true. This evolved out of a conversation Max and I had this morning about Halloween candy. I mean we not only segue to different weather with a change of seasons but also different events. And next up is Halloween. And by then days at or around 80° will be a thing of the past.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mid run of weather, and it continues today and frankly into mid-week next week. The normal high is now 75°, the normal low has dropped a degree to 54°. And we will, for the most part be at or slightly above those numbers. Enjoy um while we have them because this will begin to become the exception rather than the rule. Then in just 90 day’s it is VERY likely we will have had our first snow. #buzzkill.

It’s all part of the amazing Earth tilting the Northern Hemisphere away from the direct rays of the sun. That little shift makes all the difference in the world, and societies upcoming events too.



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