ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Republicans in the Maryland Senate elected new leadership on Saturday.

The Senate Republican Caucus elected Sen. Bryan Simonaire, of Anne Arundel County, as minority leader. The caucus also elected Sen. Michael Hough as minority whip. Hough’s district includes parts of Frederick and Carroll counties.

The Maryland General Assembly is controlled by Democrats, who hold a 32-15 advantage in the 47-member state Senate.

Simonaire said Senate President Bill Ferguson, a Baltimore Democrat, has shown a genuine willingness to work with all senators, and that the Republican caucus looks forward to working with him.

“However, we must realize that while Maryland politicians have constructed a one-party dominant legislature, we are not a one-party state,” Simonaire said in a statement. “Nearly half of all Marylanders are not in the Democratic Party and even more do not subscribe to the recent far-left trajectory taken by the Senate.”

Ferguson met with them Saturday afternoon.

“I look forward to working collaboratively to build a stronger Maryland, particularly as we face the challenging times ahead,” Ferguson said in a statement.

Hough said Maryland Republicans will focus on policy.

“We will cooperate to make wiser laws and be careful guardians of the people’s checkbook,” Hough said.

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