BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Are Ravens fans a bunch of whiners? One survey seems to suggest so.

A survey of 5,000 football fans by ranked the teams with the fans who complain the most. On that list, the Ravens came in at number 11 of 32 teams.

Coming in at the top of the list were fans of the Dallas Cowboys, followed by New England Patriots fans and Buffalo Bills fans.

According to the survey, Ravens fans’ worst habit is complaining about bad officiating.

It’s not just the players either; the survey named Head Coach John Harbaugh the second-whiniest coach in the league, coming in after Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick.

CBS Baltimore Staff

  1. Dave says:

    rather ironic those “whiny” teams are some of the consistently best ones. Fans of all teams complain about bad officiating simply because it does happen. There’s a bad call or two in most every game. There are teams who have lost big due to a bad call and as it turned out the fan complaints about the Pats cheating w/ deflated balls was true-teams, coaches & players do get caught cheating & being dirty. Remember the Jets coach who tripped a Dolphin player by sticking his leg out onto the field? Yeah, that happens to your team you have every right to complain about it or a bad call.

    The Ravens have been burned on bad calls!

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