By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It is the eve of the 2020 election. Clearly the big story is the Presidential election, but any election is important. And weather always plays into them.

Now with early voting and or mail in ballots the chance of foul weather keeping people away from the polls has been greatly diminished. But there was a time when the “pundits”, those allegedly in the know, would get into big discussions as to the effect of, say, dry but cold, wet but warm- and every other weather scenario you can imagine- and the effect on the voter turnout.

At WJZ, we would get calls, daily, starting about a week out from the first Tuesday of November from candidate’s staffs, and political party operatives. All praying to hear weather news that would favor their candidate.

Times have changed, which we alluded to earlier, but I still think the majority of voters will be headed to the polls tomorrow. And tomorrow night you just watch, while watching, at some point THE weather in “key battle ground states” will get a shout out.

In Maryland dry but on the cool side. So not any real issues. In this case no news really is good news.


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