BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Nick Boyle is out for the season after he suffered a knee injury during the Patriots game Sunday.

He did not return to the game against the Patriots after the injury in the third quarter.

The team tweeted out minutes before the prayer emoji as they waited for the decision.

“He’s gonna be done for the season, unfortunately,” Coach Harbaugh said Sunday night.

CB Terrell Bonds did not end up returning after an injury and DT Brandon Williams is out as well.

The Ravens lost to the Patriots 17-23.

CBS Baltimore Staff

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  1. #BlueLivesMatter says:

    Ravens playing like a junior high school team… Ravens what a sad looking bunch! Time to start looking to replace Harbaugh, this team will go nowhere as long as that has been runs this team!

  2. Hootie Hoo the Night Owl says:

    LOL- longest road game winning streak in the NFL history, #2 defense in the NFL, last years MVP as QB, #1 in fewest opponent points allowed per game, most accurate kicker in the history of the NFL, #2 rushing team in NFL, 2nd to the only undefeated team in the division……………………looks like he is doing a pretty good job to me.

    That was one game and I agree they should not have lost it, but there is nothing wrong w/ Harbaugh. The weather was a huge factor in that game and you can’t blame coach for that. I bet you voted for Trump huh? Now, him being replaced as a has been I am 110% onboard w/ that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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