By Sean Streicher

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — It’s not even Thanksgiving, but signs of Christmas have been popping up all over.

From decorations to music, the holidays are making their presence felt, but is it too early?

WJZ’s Sean Streicher hit the streets to find out. The consensus is it’s not, especially given the wild year that has been 2020.

“Thanksgiving is next week and with everything going on with the pandemic, everyone needs some holiday cheer right now,” one person WJZ spoke with said.

While some said it’s fair game once November hits, others said it’s too early and that it should wait until after Thanksgiving.

Some people have already started listening to it.

“I was just talking to my coworker. She’s playing it on the radio right now,” another person said.

Due to the flood of people asking for the tunes to return to the airwaves, Today’s 101.9 Baltimore’s Christmas Music Station decided to flip the switch to holiday hymns.

“Really as early as October 10, we started getting texts and emails, ‘When are you going to switch? Santa pressed the big red button on Friday the 13th and we’ve been 24/7 Christmas ever since,” said Greg Carpenter with Today’s 101.9.

Sean Streicher

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  1. Terry says:

    Before Thanksgiving is too early, I don’t want to see decorations before then either! It starts too early and you are good and sick of it by Xmas as there is only so much Xmas music & they play it over and over and over ad nauseum. Some of them that all the places play I swear I will scream if I hear them again and that is early on. It is starting after Halloween some places now, just way too early& it eclipses Thanksgiving, which is an American holiday, not one unique to one particular religious group. Only 3/4 of Americans are even Christians and not all of them are religious. If you are in the majority for whom it is not specifically a religious holiday you get sick of having it thrust down your throat longer and longer every year.

    If you absolutely love Xmas music, then by all means play it in your home and thru your earphones 24-7, just don’t make the rest of us have to listen to it.

  2. Katie J says:

    agree not til after after Thanksgiving. I get sick of it-people who love it so much can listen to it on their device.

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