STERLING, Va. (AP) — A man seen forcefully exhaling on two women outside President Donald Trump’s Virginia golf course has been charged with assault.

Raymond Deskins, 61, was charged with misdemeanor assault after a private citizen obtained a warrant through a county magistrate, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office said Sunday.

Deskin did not immediately return a request for comment.

Video widely shared on social media shows Deskins blowing air on two unidentified women after one of them asks him to get away and points out that he’s not wearing a mask.

“That’s assault” one of the women said afterwards.

“I breathed on you,” Deskins replied.

Virginia mandates masks be worn in certain locations to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but they are not required to be worn outside.

The altercation happened Saturday outside Trump National Golf Club, where the president was playing. Protestors and supporters regularly gather outside the club’s entrance when he plays.

Deskin was wearing a Trump shirt and an inflatable pool tube with Trump’s likeness on it around his waist.

Several members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors sent a letter to law enforcement authorities Sunday asking for a full investigation. The letter said the two women had been protesting the president outside the golf club.

The sheriff’s office said the altercation was investigated at the scene but was not witnessed by law enforcement and the video did not capture its entirety.

The sheriff’s office said it advised the two parties who said they’d been assaulted that they could seek a warrant through a county magistrate.

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This story was originally published on Nov. 22, 2020.

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  1. Slinky says:

    He should be paired up with Biden who inhales his females. That would complete the breathing cycle.

  2. V Vendetta says:

    Ah yes, another fine Old Dominion trumpeter…good to see a smidgen of justice in the land of lunacy formerly known as the these united states…

  3. Someone says:

    How convenient that the women attending the left wing hate rally edited out the provocations they did leading up to that…

  4. Kaylee Maganinny says:

    How do you “provoke” someone to assault you? The majority of Americans hate Trump, that’s why he lost in a landslide and is packing – he was fired.

    Lock him up, he should have had a mask on in the first place- time these maga snowflakes melt and head down into the sewers where they belong.

    1. Someone says:

      Probably some unhinged psychotic nutcase whipped into a foaming-at-the-mouth frenzy from four years of nonstop leftist hate propaganda (someone like you) doing who knows what. The man’s reaction is not the kind of thing someone does unprovoked. As noted, they were careful to not show anything leading up to it.

      Edged out by a fraction of a percent is not exactly a landslide. But you are obviously not interested in facts.

  5. NO-TRUMP says:

    Just more proof the Trumpers are a violent mentally deficient lot who can’t get a grip on reality. dumb fat & white how typical

    1. Someone says:

      Let me see if I have this straight,

      In the past six months left wing terrorists have MURDERED over forty people, committed THOUSANDS of violent assaults, over FOUR HUNDRED police officers injured badly enough to require hospitalization, thousands of arsons, many in occupied and residential buildings, in some cases after they blocked doors to try to prevent people from fleeing the flames, countless acts of looting and vandalism topping far over a BILLION dollars in property damage…

      But someone let an unhinged leftist provoke him to exhale near them and you… um… (for lack of a better word) “think” that makes those on the right the “mentally deficient and violent” ones?!?

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