By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

We are now moving toward the middle of January and the weather through this week will be calm and mild.

And by mild I mean anywhere from eight to 15 degrees above normal on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The other days in the “7-Day”, albeit in the 40s, are still above normal.

At night we stay in the low to mid 30s well, above the low mid 20s normal. Calm and mild here in the Mid-Atlantic. (And you thought the Ravens beating the Titans was big. Weather wise this is about the same.)

Speaking of our win, we now travel to Western New York state to play the Buffalo Bills. And the weather, while not expected to be what Buffalo’s weather could be, will certainly have a winter feel. Pretty windy, with a 40% chance of “lake effect” snow showers and temps about 30° before the wind chill.

Given it is Buffalo in mid-January — call that win weather wise. In closing, how about we just sum this day’s weather story up with Linh Bui’s opening line this A.M. “It’s a ‘victory Monday’ “