By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

We are at the beginning of the two, statistically, coldest weeks of the year. January 8th through 24th is when the normal daytime high bottoms out at 41°, and normal low bottoms out at 24°. For us this first week of that run is , as we mentioned going to be seasonally mild. And there is no change in that thinking. Todays 3 degrees shy of 50° the coolest day of the rest of this week. 50, 50, and the mid 50’s on Friday.

Have you noticed that at 5PM, now, it is still “brightish.” Yep the day’s are starting to get longer. Slowly but surely.

It’s all good today. Don’t overthink this nice run. We are on a lucky streak. Me, I am taking advantage of it and hitting up the Mega Millions, and Powerball vending machine, very shortly.