By Marty Bass

TGIF Everyone!

Or to be more precise, T.G.I.F. Everyone!

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I guess the periods after the letters is correct, and even though I think TGIF is ok, it is not correct, or precise if you will. It’s all in the details as is many times the case with the weather. Like tomorrow, and Sunday.

At first glance a sunny weekend with temps in the upper 30s does not seem all that bad. But with our star blazing just 7 light minutes away we are only going to warm the atmosphere to those numbers. That will tell you, in detail, (to be precise), how chilly the air over us will be. Imagine if the sun was not up? And you don’t  have to go too far to do just that. At night it is going to be cold. The numbers will be seasonal, but it’s that sunshine…it seems to ease the strain, the cold, of winter’s personality. El Sol may not warm us  too much over the next 48 hours but it won’t hurt either. The details.

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By the numbers in this case does not tell the story. Just as TGIF does not. But, Thank. God. It’s. Friday. Certainly does.

It’s the weekend folks CHEERS, and cheers!

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