BALTIMORE (WJZ) — At a time when trust in law enforcement is at a low, Baltimore police officers are working to rebuild a relationship with the community.

“We don’t just do enforcement. We provide services that are needed,” Baltimore Police Sergeant Robin Blackmon said.

They’re a part of the Community and Youth Service Unit, made up of 10 sworn officers and numerous volunteers.

They’re working to fill the gap between police officers and the people they serve.

“We just want to reach out and let the citizens know that we do care and that we are here for you, in more ways than one,” Sergeant Blackmon said.

Whether that’s by working with youth or delivering boxes of food to seniors.

“This is the part of the job that makes the job really worthwhile, the service,” Sergeant Blackmon said.

With stops planned across the city, they’re providing a service that is equally appreciated as it is needed. It’s also building trust.

“Citizens aren’t afraid to talk to us, they realize that we’re people too, they open their doors to us,” Sergeant Blackmon said.

Sergeant Blackmon, who was born in south Baltimore, said she’s happy she can help make the city she loves better for everyone.

This is our community too,” Sergeant Blackmon said. “We just want to enjoy the community, have it be a safer community, a better community, a better place to live… A better Baltimore.”

The Youth and Community Service Unit is a city-wide effort.

The Baltimore Police Department also has neighborhood coordination officers, two to three officers in each district whose jobs are to build a better relationship with the community.

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Sean Streicher