BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Thursday’s wintry mix caused some messy road conditions across Maryland.

Now, officials are warning residents about a slick Friday morning commute.

For Luciano Arem, it was just another day on the job clearing Baltimore City sidewalks.

“I got to put on some ice melt, make sure everything is good,” he said.

But he and others treating the streets said this time around, it’s taking a little more work than usual.

“It’s not easy, you know. I should have gotten a metal shovel, but with this plastic shovel, it’s not easy,” Arem said.

“Today, actually it’s been the worst, and the busiest of them all,” Jeff Tallie, a subcontractor for the light rail division, said.

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation said crews are keeping a close eye on the roads and worked around the clock to help keep drivers safe.

“We’ve been out here since 3 a.m. and we don’t leave until it stops,” Tallie said.

Officials said crews are “laser-focused” on I-83 and making repeat passes to treat the interstate, bridges, and primary residential roads across Baltimore City.

German Vijil, a Baltimore City Department of Transportation spokesperson, said every storm requires a different plan.

“Melting speeds are becoming a little bit impractical with the cold temperatures so that just means that it’s taking a little bit more for our treatment to work,” Vijil said.

In Anne Arundel County, crews worked overtime treating the roads.

“Ice isn’t a piece of cake. I don’t care if you have four-wheel drive. Unless you have chains on all four tires, you’re taking a risk,” Brad Rivera, an Anne Arundel County snowplow driver, said.

As night falls and temperatures drop, officials said the road conditions are only going to get worse.

“It continues to be a mixed bag. Mother Nature just doesn’t know what she wants to throw at the State of Maryland,” Sherry Christian, of the Maryland State Highway Administration, said.