By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Hi Everyone!

This morning you could smell the Earth, you could smell Spring. It was warm, humid, and wet. And not only could you smell the Earth, and recently mulched areas, but the birds were up and beginning their calling out to one another. No doubt now that Spring is here.

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I know the old adage is, “April showers bring May flowers”, but today late March rain will kick that floral display into high gear. And not just showers but some rather heavy rain this late midday, afternoon, and late afternoon.

Some of that rain on the Eastern Shore, and Delmarva, will be heavy. Projections are for a couple of inches in Cambridge, and Salisbury. Locally near an inch of rain before it ends around dinnertime. We could see some ponding on roads later on for the afternoon commute.

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Behind this rain we will have another mild overnight with temps , again, in the low 50’s, and tomorrow just super with an OOK amount of Sun and a high of 75°.

One word says it all, Spring.


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